While there has been some interest in the bar ends, the durability of the wood plastic prototypes is still a cause for concern.

Ambex Ends started off as a way to attach lights to the extremities of the bicycle. 

Although the project is indefinitely on hold, we are looking at working with existing bike industry partners to see if there is scope to take ideas that have been successful from the beta testing, and redesign another bar end around that concept!



To summarise, we have had issues with the beta1 bar ends. The bar ends fractured during “normal” use when one of our testers bike fell on concrete, despite impact resistant part design and careful within class material selection.

Our thoughts include that the pp-wood plastic used in the beta1 bar end version is not ready as a structural plastic for commercial pro.
We can continue testing with:
•Option A) Nylon-glass fibre plastics or,
•Option B) PLA based wood plastic

In addition, it was realised our current clamp design has stress concentrators around the nut.
We should:
•Do more detailed impact stress analysis on bar ends using simulation tools.
•Look at a structural redesign of clamping surface, and type of nut.
•Work with an industrial designer for general ergonomics refinement.

The situation is that the project is in forced hibernation till Spring 2014. In this time we hope to find, and work with new people who have a passion for bringing novel products to the bike industry.

We have learnt where the product design needs to be improved. We have gained customer and supplier contacts within the bicycle industry. We have a functioning website.

Most importantly we have found a pivot on how the product should be imagined and marketed.  But we need to start with a bigger team to push the development to the beta2 stage.

Get in contact with us!
Big thanks to those we had the pleasure to meet at Eurobike2013! ... more

AmbexEnds are proud to announce an extension of the business scope: as a sales representative and exclusive supplier of raw wood-plastic for injection moulded parts in the bicycle industry. 

In developing our bar ends we have seen the scope for further use of the raw material in a range of products such as pedals, bottle cages, or even sunglass frames... 

Why Design and Market A Product around this Material? 

Here's our top four reasons: 1) Because thick (> 4mm) wall sections can coexist next to thin wall sections! 2) Shorter cycle times for thick sections! 3) The material forms natural surface textures to look rawer than common plastic! 4) Can select fibre content to choose between a stiffer product, or a product with a higher yield strain!

Therefore, beyond the role of selling excellent bar ends, we have chosen to offer contract design development, expertise and supply of the raw material at a reasonable price in order to scale the adoption in a wide range of products.  

For further enquires please contact: trade (at) and we will call you. 


We will be showing our beta version bar ends to selected exhibitors and visitors at Eurobike2013!

Why meet us?

In summary all bar ends for flat handle bars give riders a second hand position, which reduces tension on the wrist during longer rides, and allows greater power to be transferred to the bike going up hills
Bar ends attached to the centre of the handle bar (of which ours are one of a few examples) do not change the back position of rider when altering grip position. Our bar ends' unique material has a warm touch and the shape allows versatility in use. The shape allows lights to be attached, bags to be hung and the addition of future extensions.

We are looking for higher volume clients. As we do not have a stand,  please contact us and we will arrange to meet during the three days.

We are looking for the bar ends for potential partners for either wholesale, retail and e-tail distribution, add on development, marketing partners, or oem production.

Also, we have exclusive use of the raw injection mouldable material in the bicycle industry we welcome contract product development and partnerships for new wood-plastic components and accessories.

Hope to see you there!

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